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Strong people stand up for themselves, but stronger people stand up for others. – Suzy Kassem

Humans tend to be attracted towards what suits their bias and favors their narrative more than seeking for the truth at all times. When this happens, lies and alternative facts tend to triumph.

Like President Buhari and Asiwaju Tinubu and other Political leaders in our clime, people will assume and say what is not true about them just for the purpose of their own bias and to add flavor to their own stories. It is not impossible that people will in their own imagination create a story and make themselves believe in it and even live in that lie turned reality.

In the last one year in the Osun political space, a lot has been said both the truth and lies which has led to some sort of deep thinking and critical analysis of what the issues really are.

Let’s play with our imaginary abilities for a minute, assume that you are elected on a platform of the party and given benefits because of your affiliation with the said party which also enables you to have your aspirations based on the prospects of the said party. Will your aim and purpose be for the destruction of the same party? Will you be working towards the failure of the party knowing that if the party fails, there will be little or no chances for those behind you to benefit from the party? What will be your gain if you rock the boat that promoted you?

The All Progressives Congress isn’t a special purpose vehicle where individuals can come, win party tickets, win elections and then wreck the ship for others, if this was done for those before us would we have any platform to contest today? Will ACN have anything to present at a merger to become APC?

So you expect a sitting senator to join forces with others against the political party that gave him a ticket to be Senator and also made him a Senate spokesperson over issues that have nothing to do with him? The same Senator who as a Commissioner supported every decision and process to ensure the stability of the party will now turn around to destabilize the same party he worked and ensure that was stable even by deploying legal and every other available resources? Do you want to till the land with your own hands and then destroy your plants before harvest by yourself?

What are the exact issues against Ajibola Basiru? Did anyone even try to ask the Leaders of the party like Baba Bisi Akande, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and even Governor Oyetola what Basiru’s interventions were before going on social media to attack him? Are you privy to the mails exchanged between both Ogbeni and SRJ? Was any of you present when Basiru was moving from pillar to post to make sure that Osun APC remain one? You sit down, let people who have little or no stake in the stability of your state lie to you for whatever reasons and then you run to town with half baked truths? It is highly unfortunate because to those who think they are defending Ogbeni against SRJ, Ogbeni is a Muslim and same is SRJ, can anyone boldly say while holding the Holy Quran that Basiru didn’t try to intervene in the Presence of Deeran Ayekooto?

For how long is this pull them Down syndrome going to stop? When you are all displaced and can no longer find your feet in the party you labored for? For every party member who has benefitted from the party there a thousands of them outside that has not benefited a kobo yet they have spent their resources instead, what should those ones do? Hang themselves to death? Are you going to look back in 10 years time and be happy that you supported the destruction of what you labored for? You want to labor and also destroy your handiwork and you are angry that others like Basiru are not joining you to do so?

What is the hullabaloo about arrogance for? It is even funny that APC members can bring a video out to discredit and call Basiru arrogant, was it not with the same arrogance he was going on TVs to defend the policies and plans of the Ogbeni Aregbesola’s administration? Or when he was moving from Osogbo to Lagos and to Ibadan to defend the administration he had not bought this “arrogance” from market then? Where was this arrogance when as a lawyer he was going from one tribunal to another tribunal and even travelled abroad for forensics on the bill of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to make sure that Ogbeni reclaimed his mandate? Now you have an issue with his arrogance because his arrogance isn’t for your own benefit, you can now throw away a baby with the baby water after all you no longer need both.

If this arrogance isn’t stemmed from envy and hatred we should have more of the Party leaders and elders calling him arrogant and chastising him for his actions but such as not happened in 10 years either in public or in private and abyone who has a proof of even Ogbeni or Baba Akande or Governor Oyetola calling him arrogant should produce it.

If you think that the destruction of the APC is where you are going to succeed by all means pursue it but don’t drag others along with you. The one who engages you for the destruction of others will never remember you for anything other than destruction, it is not rocket science.

One time in a political gathering in Ibadan, the PDP had an event and some people were singing and dancing so much that the audience and those on the High Table could barely hear anything else, when it was raised that they should be cautioned a politician replied that they should allow because that is what they were destined for. My dear brothers and sisters, what are you destined for in this our political space?

Dawood, a legal practitioner writes in from Osogbo.

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